Poema: “I woke up a hundred thousand years”

(By Kenio Barros de Avila Nascimento)


I woke up a hundred thousand years in the future,

When an Et snatched me to sleep

And after a glimpse I saw everything

When I wake up to tell you


In the future it was all so cool,

No one died and no one cried,

They were all smiles and beautiful,

But far from Earth.


Nothing on the planet except

Cold rocks as in comets

Humanity lived in another galaxy,

Cultivating space drugs.


If nobody died, I thought

Happy would they be;

Alien warned me that in them

There was no more love,


Terrified, I was then a poet

Without love nothing would interest me,

To which my alien spoke:

Humans lost without solution,


Out of fear of death, immortals would remain,

Prolonging life to infinity,

For fear of sadness, drugs would cultivate

On the planets of your possession


In glimpsing this horror, future,

I returned from my astral ride,

To tell mankind:

That could lose your heart


And again, I went back to advise:

Live as if there was no death,

After all, your soul is even immortal …

And, please, save the love, for the courage to die!

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